• About Us

            Our company was founded in 1968 on one single unit, but through the dedication, hard effort, and enthusiasm of the Dominguez Brothers, compounds the corporate name: TRANSPORTES ESPECIALIZADOS DE MAQUINARIA EN GRAL. HNOS. DOMINGUEZ SA DE CV.  Offering their services across the United States and all of Mexico’s Republic, being always characterized by achieving the complete satisfaction among our clients, our main fundamental goal to achieve.

We are proud to work for a better development and progress for our country and our clients, but now under corporate name TRADMAQ, SA DE CV abbreviation for TRANSPORTES DE MAQUINARIA, being the option for offering our services in Baja California, the rest of Mexico’s Republic and United States.

We count with highly professional, responsible, and efficient personnel whom through our joint teamwork we are always looking to achieve a better service for our clients.

One of our commitments is the constant modernization of our fleet, incorporating modern units with air suspension for the goal that your shipping has a better protection. We are also offering a specialized service for transportation and movement of heavy hauling, with highly professional and experience in this type of service.

Our company always seeks excellence, quality, and punctuality in the service to our clients with trust and security, being the best solution to your needs in the national and international area.





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Email: info@tradmaq.com